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Family Law

At  J.P. Ward & Associates our goal is to provide aggressive, effective, and professional solutions during this time of need.  When choosing a divorce attorney, you need a legal professional with creativity, sensitivity and strength.  Our Family Law practice group prides themselves on creating value for our clients through representation.  Above all else, we want our clients to have a positive experience with our firm during this difficult time.  We can assist with questions like:

• How does a court set the amount for spousal support?
• When can a spouse be awarded full custody?
• What are the different types of custody?
• Can a law firm help spouses settle out of court?
• Who gets to keep the cat or dog?
• When does a spouse get exclusive use of the marital home?
• Who is responsible for the credit card debt?
• How can I keep my home, car, bank account, retirement plans?
• How can you protect the children by including a life-insurance policy as part of the divorce?
• What happens to a 401K, Pension, or IRA?
• What are the tax consequences of shared custody for the non-custodial parent?
• When must a spouse pay for other’s attorney fees?
• Who is responsible for unpaid student loans?

 J.P. Ward & Associates services all of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.  Our legal professionals are here to answer your questions and get you back on the road to certainty.