MEET Matthew Thomas, Esq.

Of Counsel

Matthew received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor concentration in Philosophy from Gannon University. Matthew went on to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Ohio Northern University College of Law, where he was awarded the Hanson Fellowship for academic and financial merit as well as the Book Award for best performance in senior writing seminar. Matthew was admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in 2012.

Matthew currently serves as an appearance counsel for J.P. Ward & Associates. He has acquired valuable experience in civil and criminal matters working as a law clerk for various Judges within the Erie County Court of Common Pleas. Throughout his career, Matthew has also represented numerous clients in the areas of estate law and immigration law. As a fluent speaker, reader and writer of Spanish, Matthew has utilized his linguistic skills to voluntarily assist those in need through the Los Angeles County Neighborhood Legal Service. In his free time, Matthew is interested in the practice of historical European martial arts, playing chess and writing, including multiple publications regarding law, politics and history as well as a letter publication in the Washington Times.