Gender Discrimination

When experiencing gender discrimination in the workplace, it may be difficult to determine the appropriate course of action. Although this form of discrimination may seem fairly straightforward, many employees struggle with identifying when they are being discriminated against.

If you or someone you know is being discriminated against, don’t panic: J.P Ward & Associates is here to help.

The name gender discrimination implies discrimination directed toward women in the workplace. And while this is certainly part of what gender discrimination statutes protect against, it is only part of what is protected by law. In Pennsylvania, federal and state gender discrimination statutes protect workers from discriminatory conduct based on the following traits:

  • Biological sex: female, male, intersex, other.
  • Gender identity: woman, man, transgender, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, other.
  • Gender expression: gendered styles of speech of clothing, etc.

It is not just women who are protected; all forms of gender identity and expression are protected from being discriminated against under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA). Title VII covers employers who employ 15 or more employees, while the PHRA covers smaller employers with at least four employees.

Part of the difficulty in identifying if you have been discriminated against because of your gender is that the discrimination can be very subtle. Though discrimination may take the form of disparaging remarks due to your gender (for more on this, see J.P. Ward’s page on Sexual Harassment), it can just as easily be receiving a lower paycheck, being passed over for a promotion, or being treated less favorably than coworkers of a different gender.

Are You Facing Gender Discrimination? Here Are Some Common Forms It Can Take 

The federal law prohibits employers from discriminating against employees or job candidates based on their sex or gender. However, it can sometimes be hard to know if an experience you’ve had with an employer classifies as gender discrimination.

So, to give you a better idea, here are some common faces this type of discrimination takes:  

  • Getting paid less than your male counterparts in the same role;   
  • Being subject to unwanted sexual advances or sexual harassment;  
  • Being denied or getting fewer work benefits on account of your gender;      
  • Denial of employment because of your gender identity;    
  • Being fired or laid off because of your gender;     
  • Getting demoted purely based on your gender. 

Steps to Take If You’ve Faced Gender Discrimination at Work 

If you have been terminated, demoted, harassed, denied an employment opportunity, or faced any other kind of gender discrimination, you can seek reprieve legally. 

At federal and Pennsylvania state levels, the employment laws protect employees from any form of workplace sex discrimination. Even so, understanding the law and using it to your benefit can be difficult if you’re not well versed with legal processes. 

That said, the best decision you can make is to get in touch with a good gender discrimination attorney. If you’re looking for sex discrimination attorneys you can rely on in Pittsburgh, PA, we’ve got you. J.P. Ward & Associates law firm specializes in fighting for worker rights. They can look at your case and give you legal advice on what options are available. And that includes getting justice for victims of workplace sex discrimination.  

Why Should You Hire a Gender Discrimination Attorney from Us?  

Gender discrimination experiences are sensitive and, sometimes, traumatizing. So, you’d want to be sure that you’re sharing your story with lawyers who understand the matter’s sensitivity and can help. 

That said, here are a couple of qualities that make our sex discrimination attorneys ideal for your unique case: 

Trustworthy and Confidential

Fighting employment discrimination based on gender can sometimes trigger retaliation or victimization. That’s why at J.P. Ward & Associates, you can trust us to keep your case as private as it needs to be. With our gender discrimination lawyer, you can be sure that matters you don’t want to be shared publicly will be kept confidential. 

Highly Knowledgeable and Experienced in Employment Discrimination Matters 

Our lawyers have adequate knowledge of sex discrimination laws in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania as a whole, including those protected by the Civil Rights Act. They also have vast experience navigating all kinds of workplace discrimination cases. So, we know how to approach your case to give it the best chance of success. 

Impressive Track Record 

Need lawyers who already have proven skills fighting gender stereotypes? Our law firm has handled hundreds of sex discrimination claims and won thousands of dollars for affected employees. Once we establish that you have a case, we’ll throw in our skills and resources to ensure you stand the best chance of winning the compensation you deserve. 

Personalized Interaction and Approach 

We provide personalized legal counsel to every client. That means we listen to your case, gather all the necessary facts, and devise an approach that is best suited for you. We prioritize your needs, including your privacy and compensation demands, when negotiating with your employer or in front of a court. 

Our Lawyers Have Been Fighting for Gender Equality in The Workplace for 5+ Years 

 Here’s how you can hire an experienced gender discrimination attorney at our reputable law firm in Pittsburgh: 

Schedule a Free Appointment

Don’t want to commit just yet? You don’t have to retain our lawyers before you’re sure you want to pursue a sex discrimination claim. That’s because we don’t charge you a dime on your first consultation with us. Take the first step by calling our number, and we’ll connect you with a sex discrimination attorney right away. 

Share Your Story

We provide secure communication lines. So, talk to us about your gender identity discrimination experience without worries. Our lawyers are empathic and have experience representing both male and female employees. If you have evidence to help your claim, you can also share it with us. 

File Your Litigation 

Once we have all the facts from you, we’ll be in a position to advise you on what action you should take. If you have a case, we’ll proceed to file formal litigation. At this point, you don’t have to worry about all the legal processes involved, as we’ll take care of that for you. However, you can always contact your attorney to follow up on your gender discrimination claim. 

Need Help? Our Gender Discrimination Lawyer Will Fight Your Case

If you are experiencing any of these forms of gender discrimination or any other disparate treatment based on your gender, do not hesitate to explore your options. At J.P Ward & Associates, our employment lawyers are experienced in defending our clients’ rights under the sex discrimination laws. Contact us today for a free consultation either by filling out our contact form or calling (833)-GOT-FIRED.