The fact of the matter is that various issues occur in the workplace. You can have a different personality from others, which can cause problems. The workplace environment can have a certain level of poor management, causing more stress and issues, bosses who may not respect any parties, and even some instances of bullying.

The issue is that these instances may not be causes for a legal claim in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

Of course, this does not mean that all types of behavior are acceptable in the workplace. For example, one could note that even words, exclusively, can be a basis for discrimination.

Remember that speech concerning aspects related to race, disability, veteran status, or other factors may contribute to a hostile work environment and serve as grounds for a hostile work environment case.

It may not seem like you have a case at times, but it is best to reach out to a hostile work environment attorney to discuss your situation. Our lawyers at J.P. Ward & Associates will look at your case and its relation to state and federal laws. Then, we will provide formal legal advice and take on your case after conducting our respective assessments.

Today, work with our hostile work environment lawyer professionals for unwelcome conduct, illegal harassment, toxic work environment, and discriminatory matters.

If You Notice Factors Creating a Hostile Work Environment Assess The Situation and Take Legal Action

There’s nothing that makes it harder to do your job well than a hostile workplace. Whether it is your boss making comments toward you or a supervisor creating a harassing atmosphere, a hostile work environment can make work seem like the last place you want to be. If you or someone you know is suffering from a hostile work environment, it may feel like there is no end in sight. It can be even more of an issue if you don’t think that the human resources department will not be helpful.

You may feel as if you are stuck in a hostile work environment and can not do anything about it.

But don’t panic; hostile workplace claims are recoverable under the law.

But what constitutes a hostile workplace claim? There are a variety of forms of hostile work environment claims that are actionable. Perhaps the most thought of is the discriminatory environment of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment constitutes a hostile work environment when the conduct of an employer or a supervisor about an employee becomes so severe and pervasive that it prevents the employee from being able to carry out the functions of their job. See this article covering possible legal solutions for more information on a hostile workplace based on sexual harassment.

The key to a hostile work environment claim is a showing of harassment of an employee based on their protected characteristic. However, hostile work environment claims are not limited solely to sexual harassment. An employer may create a hostile environment by discriminating against an employee based on any protected characteristic, including but not limited to: age, gender, national origin, race, religion, or disability status.

In considering whether you may have a hostile workplace claim, it is important to keep in mind that courts do not accept random or isolated incidents as sufficient proof of a hostile work environment. This means that offhand remarks or isolated incidences of teasing based on a protected characteristic will not be enough to allow you to recover in court. Instead, it is necessary to show severe and pervasive harassment that has occurred over time.

It is equally important to remember that you need not be the direct recipient of the hostile behavior to recover on a hostile work environment claim. You can bring a claim when you merely witness the behavior in question if the behavior is so severe and pervasive to prevent you from doing your job.

The work environment should be conducive to productivity for a reasonable person. If significant issues occur within a work environment that can affect an employee’s work performance, it is necessary to seek legal counsel.

Our Legal Professionals Will Offer An Evaluation of the Hostile Work Environment Matter

Our lawyers have experience and are aware of the latest changes concerning laws regarding hostile work environment matters. Therefore, whether you feel that there were incidents of workplace harassment, national origin, sexual orientation, unlawful employment discrimination, general workplace discrimination, or other issues that constitute workplace harassment, work with our hostile work environment attorneys today.

Our hostile work environment attorneys will look at the case and aim to differentiate whether the treatment at the workplace is unprofessional and not as positive as it needs to be or if a hostile work environment exists.

It is necessary to note that while the environment may not be as pleasant as possible, it may not fall under the legal definition of a hostile work environment. Our attorney-client relationship makes it to where our hostile work environment lawyers will look at all the factors that may be creating a hostile work environment and where the information provided is confidential.

Our hostile work environment attorney professionals will look at the applicable federal and state laws and advise you on the best way forward at your free consultation.

If you think that you or someone you know is suffering from a hostile work environment, do not hesitate to take action. J.P Ward & Associates is here to assist with any of your hostile workplace needs. Contact us today to set up a free consultation by filling out this contact form or by calling (833)-GOT-FIRED.