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When looking for a different form of transportation, many people consider a motorcycle, but not everyone is fully aware of the risks involved. While motorcycles are a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around, they can also be one of the most dangerous modes of transportation since there’s nothing between you and other objects or vehicles. 

Over 2,000 motorcycle accidents were reported in Pennsylvania in 2019. Of these accidents, 91% resulted in injury or death.

Yet motorcycles remain a popular mode of transport, with overall sales remaining strong over the past few years. Since motorcycles are inherently risky, all drivers – whether in the car or on the motorcycle – must be exceptionally careful to prevent collisions. 

Most motorcycle riders are aware of the risks involved and take great effort to protect themselves by wearing appropriate headgear and clothing that offers additional protection. Some also attend ongoing safety classes. But unfortunately, these preventive measures may not be enough to avoid an accident.

Since motorcycles are so maneuverable and easy to miss on the road, it’s understandable that motorcycles are involved in a higher proportion of accidents, which may lead to serious injuries or severe trauma for the involved parties. If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in Pittsburgh, the experienced legal team at J.P. Ward & Associates will pursue your legal defense with the care and attention you need.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Pittsburgh

When involved in an accident, it is important to keep several things in mind at the accident site:

  • Seek immediate medical help if necessary. Many accident victims underestimate how serious their injuries are, so you should seek medical attention even if your injuries seem minor.
  • When circumstances safely permit, take pictures of the accident scene from all possible angles.
  • Make note of the weather conditions and any other evidence related to the accident with as much detail as possible.
  • If there are any willing witnesses, take note of their observations and contact information.

While these are important notes to keep in mind when you’re at the accident scene, what you do in the days immediately following is equally significant. It’s critical to seek out appropriate motorcycle accident lawyers, who are well trained and can provide sound, accurate input on your particular situation.

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Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

Even if you feel you’re not at fault when involved in an accident, it’s essential to retain the services of a Pittsburgh lawyer who is experienced in motorcycle accident cases. The law professionals at the J.P. Ward & Associates are familiar with Pennsylvania state laws and can vigorously pursue maximum compensation on your behalf following a motorcycle accident.

An experienced attorney will be familiar with the laws surrounding motor vehicle accidents and will know what types of personal injury damages you may be entitled to. Keep in mind that since there is a time limit on your rights to file a claim, it’s crucial to immediately seek out a motorcycle accident lawyer in Pittsburgh who will defend your rights and protect you from any legal consequences.

What Damages Can You Get After a Motorcycle Accident in Pittsburgh?

When seeking financial compensation after a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania, there are two general categories from which a victim may claim damages:

  • Economic damages encompass medical expenses and lost wages, including both past and future expenses. This category also covers any property damages and/or vehicle repair needed.
  • Non-economic damages can cover pain and suffering incurred, emotional distress, and any significant decrease in your quality of life.  

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can have far-reaching and devastating consequences. The stress of ongoing medical bills and the lingering physical discomfort when recovering from injuries can all affect your quality of life. Having the right legal help on your side makes a dramatic difference. The knowledgeable attorneys at the J.P. Ward & Associates can help get you back on your feet and get on with your life.

Trying to navigate the law world on your own and advocate for yourself can be an exhausting and risky process. You may feel you are entitled to reimbursement for property damage, lost wages, or medical bills, but it can be difficult to understand exactly how to go about it. 

Although some cases can be settled out of court, you will still need a responsible third party who is looking out for your best interests and will fight on your behalf. If the case does proceed to trial, accident victims will be reassured to know that the Pittsburgh motorcycle accident attorneys at the J.P. Ward & Associates are highly experienced at advocating for their clients in court. We understand that trials can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable for all parties, and we will do our best to make the experience as straightforward as possible for our clients.

What to Expect When You Hire a Lawyer

The legal professionals at the J.P. Ward & Associates are highly responsive to your questions and will keep you updated on every step of your case. We have a proven record of accomplishment for our clients and are highly regarded in the Pittsburgh community. We offer flexible office hours and payment plans to accommodate your needs. 

With an experienced legal team in place, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that you have help on your side. Your future is potentially at risk, and this isn’t something you should have to handle on your own. Don’t settle for a smaller compensation. You need to secure your rights and recoup any money due to you.

If you’re searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer, Pittsburgh residents can rely on the knowledgeable legal team at the J.P. Ward & Associates to work hard for you throughout the complicated legal process. Contact us today to take the first step in recovering any compensation due to you and getting your life – and your future – back on track.