Breach of contract lawyers

Contracts are important in our lives. When we have a breached contract, one or more parties involved have failed to honor or uphold the end of their deal. Party’s failure to keep the agreement as the contract requires can happen as a result of unwillingness or inability.

The party that breached the employment contract either in whole or part of it will be held liable for suffered damages. Contracts are legally enforceable and civil courts can either grant injunctions to perform contractual obligations or pay restitution.

Employees should know that it is their right for their agreements in their employment contracts to be honored or fulfilled. The best thing to do is to hire experienced and reliable breach of contract attorneys to help you handle your contract dispute in Pittsburg. 

Minor Breach Of Contract

Also known as immaterial and partial breach, minor breach of contract happens when one party has met what the contract stipulates, but the performance has minor differences with the terms of contract.

Material Breach Of Contract

A material breach happens as a result of failure by one party to oblige to a duty in the contractual agreement. The aggrieved party can file a contract lawsuit either to enforce the breaching party to fulfil contractual obligation or pay damages.

Fundamental Breach Of Contract

Fundamental breach occurs when one party has completely undermined the terms of the contract. It is the most serious type of contract breach, and the non breaching party is only left with an option of terminating the contract. 

Statute Of Limitations For Breach Of Contract

In Pennsylvania law under 42 Pa.C.S.A. §5525(a), breach of contract lawsuits have four-year statute of limitations. However, if there was an agreement for a shorter time period of statute of limitations between the parties involved, then the lawsuit can be filed in a period that is less than four years.

Contract lawyers can help a lot especially because most employees don’t have the knowledge on what to do when their contract fails to be honored. Breach of contract lawyers will help you move with speed and ease the hassle of filing a breach contract lawsuit.    

A court will determine the category of a breach of contract. The distinction will enable the court to determine the type and amount of damages that the non breaching party will be compensated  by the breaching party. Some common examples of breach contract disputes include:

  • When one party fulfills their obligations, but not in a way that was specified in the contract.
  • When one or both parties fail to oblige to any terms of the contract.
  • When one party fails to perform their legal obligations within the specified time period as stipulated in the contract.
  • When one or both parties skip a necessary requirement or fail to sign the contract that would have formed a valid contract.

Did A Breach Occur?

For a contract breach to occur, American Bar Association sets specific questions that must be answered:

  • Did performance duty arise?
  • Was there a formation of a written contract?
  • What were the terms if there was a contract?
  • Do defenses to enforcement exist?
  • Was there a breach of contract?
  • What is the remedy if there was a contract breach?

Benefits Of Hiring Breach Of Contract Lawyers

Hiring a breach of contract lawyer has many benefits. Also, there are employers who are aware that some employees might not necessarily read the employment contract’s fine prints in detail. The benefits of hiring breach of contract law firms include:

Negotiating Settlements On Your Behalf

Hiring a breach of contract lawyer has many benefits. Also, there are employers who are aware that some employees might not necessarily read the employment contract’s fine prints in detail. The benefits of hiring breach of contract law firms include:

File Contract Claim

Filing a contract claim requires that you minimize any errors, missteps, or misinformation which can derail your case or even lead to it’s failure. An experienced breach of contract lawyer will make sure you’ve correctly filled all the details and pertinent allegations.

Evaluate All Options In Any Employment Contract Or Scenario

A breach of contract attorney will help you get compensation whether it’s renegotiating a new or old contract, fighting an unwarranted firing, or filing a complaint. An attorney may be your only solution when you want to know exactly where your contract case stands.

Analyze Your Employment Contract Before Signing

You can always seek legal advice from an experienced breach of contract attorney before signing any employment contract. A lawyer will help you understand your contract or discover any hidden non-completed clauses or agreements instead of discovering and fighting them later.   

Why Choose Our Breach Of Contract Attorneys

At J.P. Ward & Associates, we have a team of highly skilled and talented breach of contract lawyers with years of experience in assisting people with all aspects of issues affecting employment contracts.

Whether you just need professional eyes to review your new valid contract, or you want to recover damages by taking your employer to court, you can trust us to protect your best interests. We will help you get a better understanding of your employment contract terms by providing free initial consultation.

Choosing our services doesn’t mean you’re only getting expert services. Our customer services are excellent and we will offer you a listening ear and in person support network.

We understand contract disputes can be very stressful and we will do our best to take care of your contractor’s legal issue. We will enable you to either get compensation for the actual damages or legally enforce your employer to oblige by the contract law and terms.

Contact us today and let us handle your breach of contract dispute in a professional and timely manner.