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Securing an opportunity to work in a great company can seem like a dream. That is until you start experiencing unfair treatment from your employer, manager, or anyone supervising your work. 

Despite the employment act and the equal employment opportunity commission protecting employee rights, job discrimination is still a big issue in the U.S. Unfortunately, most employees who face discrimination remain silent out of fear or ignorance. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. 

At J.P. Ward & Associates, we represent Pittsburgh employees in employment discrimination suits. We understand how the employment law works and have enough experience dealing with unscrupulous employers across all industries, whether private or government-related. 

If you suspect that your employer discriminates against you, call us for informed legal guidance from a qualified discrimination attorney. a qualified discrimination attorney.

What Types of Job Discrimination Can Our Attorneys Help You With?

No employee deserves to work in an unfair, demeaning, or unhealthy work environment. Unfair treatment at work can take many different forms. So, before you take the legal route, you want to be sure that whatever you’re going through is job discrimination. Of course, you can also book a free consultation with us to discuss the specifics of your case if you’re not sure. 

That said, here are the most common types of employment discrimination our workplace discrimination lawyers deal with every day: 

Racial Discrimination

The law protects you from unfair treatment from an employer due to your skin. So, you can take your employer to court for racism at work. 

Gender Discrimination 

It is illegal to treat an employee differently, including paying them less solely based on their gender. Sex discrimination is still common despite fights for equality between men and women. 


If you fall pregnant and your employer lays you off or mistreats you in any way, you have a right to sue. The same case applies to employers who deny you employment because you are pregnant. 

Age Discrimination 

You have been fired or denied an employment opportunity because you’re over 40? Age discrimination is illegal, and we can help you fight such treatment. 

Religion Discrimination 

You have the right to practice any faith without fear under US and Pennsylvania law. It is, therefore, illegal for your employer to treat you differently because of the religion you practice. 

Disability Discrimination 

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with disabilities from unfair treatment at work. Apart from disabilities, an employer shouldn’t treat you differently because of other health conditions, too, whether real or perceived. 

Maternity or Paternity Leave Violation

Denial maternity or paternity leave to eligible workers as provided in the law is illegal. So, you can sue your employer for this. 

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Have you experienced workplace discrimination because of being gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, bi-sexual, or even heterosexual? Talk to our Pittsburgh employment discrimination lawyers to build a successful suit. 

Origin/ Background/ Cultural Discrimination 

You have the right to fair workplace treatment no matter your national origin. That includes country, city, or even cultural background.

Our Employment Discrimination Lawyers Have an Impressive Track Record Spanning 5+ Years

Suing your employer, especially if they are well-connected, for discrimination can be intimidating. But with a qualified and thoroughly experienced lawyer, you can get the justice and compensation you truly deserve. 

Our employment discrimination attorneys are well-known across the state of Pennsylvania for having an excellent track record in private and class action civil suits, representing more than 3,000 employees so far. 

So, how do we go about your case? 

  • Initial consultation: we take a look at your case and advise you on your course of action.
  • Evidence collection: once we’ve established that you have a case, we collect proof to strengthen your case. 
  • Filing a suit: we file an official suit against your employer, stating all your demands.
  • Negotiations: we then conduct negotiations with your employer’s lawyers to table your demands. 
  • Court case: if negotiations fail, we take your case to court and do everything possible to help you win.  

Sounds like something you want to do? Get in touch with us to talk to an employment discrimination lawyer today.

Dealing with Discrimination at Your Workplace? We’ll Be Your Voice and Fight for Your Rights 

Going through discrimination in a place you thought your skills would be seen can take a toll on your mental health. But you don’t have to suck it up and move on. 

At J.P. Ward & Associates, we have been the voice for thousands of employees facing discrimination at work. You can trust us to give you expert legal advice and hold your hand throughout your suit. For a free phone consultation, call us at (412) 426-4878.