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What do you do after a minor motorcycle accident?

According to research, motorcycle accidents occur roughly 27 times more than automobile accidents, even though motorcycles account for only five percent of all drivers. Needless to say, when bikers are involved in an automobile collision, they are at a high risk of sustaining serious injuries since they often have little or even no protection.

In the event of such an accident, you are likely to be upset, confused, angry, and overwhelmed. Here are some important things you can do after a minor motorcycle accident:

Ensure Everyone is Okay

The most important thing to do immediately after a motorcycle accident has occurred is to make sure that everyone involved is safe and okay, including yourself and pedestrians. Nothing is worth worrying about until you ensure that you and those around you are fine. If someone is hurt, call an ambulance immediately.

Additionally, make sure everyone else is out of the way of traffic and at a respectable distance from motorcycle crashes. Once you have established that everyone is safe, you can move on to worrying about everything else that you need to do.

Get Medical Assistance

If you sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident, you must get medical assistance in the shortest period of time, even if the injuries are minor. The sooner you get this treatment, the better it will be for your overall health and well-being.

Not only is it the only way you can completely recover from a motorcycle collision, but it is a critical aspect when proving your damage and injuries if you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit soon. Typically, your insurance agent and insurance companies will try to challenge your injuries by exploiting any delays and gaps in your medical treatment.

They will argue your injuries were not sustained in the accident since you did not seek medical treatment immediately. For this reason, seeing a physician immediately and attending all resultant doctor appointments will help prove your motorcycle injuries.

Document Everything

Take as many photographs or videos of the motorcycle wreck as possible if you are in a condition to do so. This evidence is considered more reliable than verbal first-hand accounts of the collision. The documented evidence offers valuable information and clues that can significantly assist investigators and insurance adjusters in determining liability in your motorcycle accident.

Protect yourself by taking additional pictures, even though emergency responders will document the accident scene as part of the police report. Document the damage to other cars that may have been involved in the accident, the damage to your motorcycle, and any noticeable physical injuries you may have sustained during the ordeal.

Additionally, focus on documenting anything that may support your insurance lawsuit or motorcycle accident claim. This may include skid marks, poor road conditions, vehicle license plates, and any hazards.

Exchange Information

Unlike car accidents, bikers rarely escape injury after getting involved in a collision. In some instances, the injuries might be minor, such as small abrasions and cuts, while in others, they may be major, such as traumatic brain injury. Either way, the risk of some type of injury is extremely high.

It is important to gather information from all parties involved, even if you have no visible injury symptoms or do not feel pain immediately. Information such as their names, contacts, insurance, personal, and vehicle information is important in a motorcycle accident. You may feel fine immediately after the accident but start experiencing the effects of the motorcycle collision in a short or long period of time.

Gather Vital Evidence

Gathering and preserving any other form of evidence, in addition to the photos, is also crucial. This is because the determination of responsibility in potential compensation relies heavily on establishing who caused the accident. For this reason, gather information from people who witnessed the accident, emergency personnel, responding officers, and others.

Get in Contact with the Authorities

After assessing your health, documenting everything, and gathering crucial information from everyone involved, contact the police. Getting the police to the accident scene as soon as possible can be quite beneficial for your legal case. They will create a report about the motorcycle accident that will be instrumental in your case.

Refuse any Early Settlement Offers

Your insurance company will know the at-fault driver’s identity once they investigate your motorcycle accident. Notifying your insurance agency about the accident is crucial to successfully recovering damages. However, insurance companies will want to compensate you as little as possible, even if the other driver is clearly at fault.

To achieve this, the insurance agency will make a very early settlement offer that is often much lower than what you rightfully deserve. Rather than accepting such an offer, contact an experienced attorney to assist you in getting the highest possible settlement for your injuries and damages.

Additionally, do not issue any statements to your insurance agent without consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer first. The wording you use to describe the motorcycle accident right after it happens may impact your Pennsylvania legal case. So, call our legal experts at J.P. Ward & Associates to assist you in communicating effectively with the insurance company.

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