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Are Motorcycle Accidents Avoidable?

Riding a motorcycle may be an exciting activity, mostly for sport. However, motorcycle crashes happen more than other vehicle accidents in the world. Accident statistics from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) indicate that 4000 to 5000 motorcycle riders die of serious injuries every year. However, most of them are avoidable.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are more likely to die in motorcycle crashes than in any other passenger vehicle. This serious fact should not be ignored if we want to save lives. Therefore, it is worth outlining the leading causes and seeking and providing preventive remedies. Three factors can cause an accident for motorcyclists and can be prevented. The overall aspect that may cause an accident concerns the traffic safety facts violation by motorcyclists, other drivers, and passengers.

The major causes of motorcycle accidents that are avoidable include:

  •  Substance Abuse

Abusing substances like marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and others will cause the rider to experience drowsiness or lead them to see blurred images. They can also affect reasoning, decision-making, balance, harmonization, knowledge, and remembrance. This can cause them to be involved in motor vehicle crashes. Adherence to the rules will save the rider’s life and decrease passenger fatalities.

  • Reckless Riding

While driving cars or motorcycles, avoid entering a road junction or changing lanes abruptly or without indicating. Always observe the road conditions to avoid a car crash. You should not change lanes unless it is clear to do so and all other road users know your intention. Always reduce your speed and maintain the required distance between you and the motorist in front or behind you.

  • Divided Attention

Distracted motorcyclists are highly likely to get involved in accidents. Riders who often concentrate on edibles, phone calls, text messages, potential passengers, and other side shows have a high chance of causing accidents.

Such distractions make it hard for drivers to see or respond well to situations on the road. Motorcyclists should always be alert, keep their distance, and observe public safety. They should not use mobile phones or text while driving or riding.

  • Not Wearing Protective Gear

Helmets have been known to save people from head injuries and decrease the possibility of getting a cervical spine break in an accident. The NHTSA: Motorcycle Safety reported that 1859 motorcycle riders were rescued by their helmets in 2016.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) also indicates that a helmet prevents death from motorcycles by 37% and decreases head injuries by 69%. There is no excuse why a motorcycle rider should not wear a standard safety helmet and bright clothing (they help to recognize other motorcycles) while riding.

  • Over Speeding

Although speeding may seem enjoyable for a period, it is usually the cause of the most fatal accidents. High speeds when negotiating sharp corners, riding over bumps, making sudden lane changes, or trying to avoid an obstruction on the road will usually result in accidents.

  • Poorly Trained Riders

Motorcycle accident cases can be reduced sharply if riders go for proper training and respect traffic laws. According to research, 29% of motorcycle crashes result from riders who have no advanced training.

Therefore, riders should not ride on highways if they do not have proper training, after which the authorities issue valid licenses. You must attend and graduate from a driving or cycling school to get experience and receive a valid driving license.

  • Driving or Riding While Under Stress

Riding a motorcycle actually calls for expertise that demands a keen cognitive deep connection. Stress may cause distracted driving and hence cause a motorcycle crash that could be avoidable. Concentrating on riding or driving while on the road is the minimum requirement.

  • Riding Motorcycles that Should Not Be on the Road

Road-unworthy vehicles or motorcycles are those with mechanical problems that can easily lead to accidents. Although mechanical problems may occur without intention at anytime, anyhow, and anywhere, it is advisable to always check the roadworthiness of your vehicle before starting on a journey.

  • Ignoring Poorly Visible Road Signs and Features

It is advisable for drivers and motorcyclists to be responsible observers of road features and safety measures. Being a responsible rider on the road will avoid a motorcycle crash and a car accident. Ignoring abrupt stops, lane splitting, warning signs about road construction, and indications of sharp corners will lead to accidents.

Also, improper lighting, rough pavements or roads, tree branches hanging low, and water stagnation on the roads are other things that can lead to accidents if the rider does not see them. These can cause motorcycle crashes and car accidents.

  • Ignoring the Weather Outside

It is important to take note of the weather outside if you plan to use a motorcycle. This is because some weather elements cause visibility challenges, often leading to multiple vehicle accidents. It is important to watch out for fallen leaves, plant rubble, slippery roads, and fallen bridges since these are dangers to all road users and may cause fatal crashes.

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