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How to Prove the Other Driver Was Drunk After a Crash

Most car accidents are caused by drunk driving. In car accident cases, it is not necessary to prove that the driver who crashed your car was drunk to prove that they were negligent, but if you can make it clear that they were intoxicated when they crashed your vehicle or struck you, it will be a lot easier to win your car accident claim, and you may also be eligible for much higher compensation.

Consequences of Car Crash to Injury Victims

Car accident victims may suffer different injuries depending on the accident they had. Some may suffer from minor injuries, and some may suffer severe injuries that may be lifelong. Examples of life-long injuries are:

  • Spinal cord injuries: Because of this, the victim may have a lifelong disability.
  • Broken bones: Some victims may suffer from broken bones, which may require serious surgery to correct.
  • Back injuries: This may lead the victims to be wheelchair-bound for life, as some back injuries can be severe.
  • Traumatic brain injuries:  This can be life-threatening or leave the victim with a mental disability or paralyzed for life.

What to Do When You Are Victim of a Car Crash

After being in a car crash, you will have a lot of questions about your injuries and property damages. The first thing you can do is get medical attention to learn more about the extent of your injuries. After that, you have to hold the person who caused the accident accountable.

The next best step is to contact an auto accident attorney and then open a personal injury lawsuit. The most critical phase in your case is to gather evidence to prove that the driver who caused the crash was drunk or intoxicated.

Signs of Intoxication on the Road

If you notice a person driving slowly, struggling to maintain their lane, not stopping at red lights or stop signs, or showing any other erratic behavior, it could be a huge sign that they are under the influence of alcohol. If you also notice someone driving with the windows down at night or in the cold, this is another indication of drunk driving, as this is a method most intoxicated drivers use to keep themselves awake.

After a collision, look for other signs of intoxication when you are speaking with the other driver as you exchange information.

How to Prove the Other Driver Was Drunk After a Car Crash

Pittsburgh car accident attorneys can help by collecting evidence that will help to prove that the other driver in the crash was drunk or that it was their negligence that caused the crash. Other things your lawyer may do to prove the other driver was drunk are:


A Pittsburgh car accident attorney may help you investigate where the driver was before the crash, such as the bar, and how much they may have drunk.

Collect Witness Testimonies

The lawyer may also help collect some witness testimonies, not only at the accident scene but also at the bar. You may also take some photos of the accident scene for future reference.

Security Footage

One of the most important things you could do is collect footage from security cameras around the area. Distracted driving or erratic driving is easy to see on video cameras.

Medical Records

Obtain medical records from the emergency room; if the other driver was taken there for treatment, the medical records will surely show how intoxicated they were.

Why You Should Get a Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyer

If you suffered serious injuries, an experienced car accident lawyer will help you prove the other driver was intoxicated. Experienced car accident lawyers have handled similar cases before, so they will tell you from day one how much your car accident settlement will give you and how long the case will last.

Car accident attorneys in Pittsburgh have knowledge of Pennsylvania insurance law, which is why they are always ready to handle such cases. Sometimes insurance companies will try to prove you are an at-fault driver, but your attorneys will fight for your rights by proving your personal injuries were caused by the negligence of the other driver.

Pittsburgh car accident lawyers play a very huge role in getting you fair financial compensation. Their job is to prove that due to the motor vehicle crash, there were some lost wages as you were seriously injured and couldn’t work anymore. They will also need to produce documents in court to show that as you were going through medical treatment, you incurred some accident-related medical bills.

The compensation will cover medical expenses and medical bills, and it will also make up for the pain and suffering the victim went through.

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J.P. Ward and Associates have the best car accident attorneys in Pittsburgh, PA. They have represented thousands of Pennsylvanians to get them fair compensation. They fight for the working class, victims of injury, and employees against workplace discrimination.

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