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How Does Drunk Driving Cause Accidents?

Driving after taking too much alcohol can lead to accidents because the alcohol in the driver’s system can make him feel distracted. When alcohol is in the human system, it affects the brain’s communication pathways and has a significant effect on controlling balance. This is why distracted driving and speeding can lead to personal injuries like broken bones or even worse, such as death.

According to Pittsburgh auto accident attorney NHTSA, drunk driving claims one person’s life every 50 minutes, which makes 10 thousand lives lost each year.

Drunk driving is an intentional act that cannot be tolerated. If people were more responsible, many lives could be saved, but there are some people who are not willing to take responsibility, which is why driving while drunk can make you face serious charges.

Even when they are aware that they are not in a condition to drive, some drivers nonetheless choose to get behind the wheel, endangering both other people’s and their own lives in the process.

To learn more about the risks that drinking while driving poses, as well as the repercussions of not taking safeguards, continue reading.

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What are the possible consequences of alcohol abuse when driving in Pittsburgh?

Daily car accidents are caused by a variety of factors, but drinking and driving are two of the most frequent ones. According to Pittsburgh car accident attorneys, you have the right to establish a solid case against the intoxicated driver who injured you; a just settlement must be given for the collision brought on by a careless driver.

Most injured victims settle with insurance companies without understanding how serious their injuries are or how expensive the treatment can be. Accidents are traumatic, especially serious car accidents that can leave the victim disabled or, in worse cases, lead to death. That is why a lawsuit for a car accident has to be filed for financial compensation to get medical bills sorted. Don’t settle for insurance coverage only.

If the person is arrested for drinking and driving, they will be taken to the hospital for a blood test. If the results come out positive for alcohol, the driver will be given six months of probation and a $3000 fine. If there is serious damage, maybe like a dead victim affected by a car accident, the drunk driver will face 3 years for each victim’s life and pay a fine of $25 thousand for each count of homicide.

A car accident attorney in Pittsburgh can help you win your personal injury case and get the justice you deserve and recovery compensation, fair compensation for that matter.

The process after the accident

After the accident occurs, the police, ambulance, and firefighters will be on the scene to help the victims that have been affected and to check if there were any negligent actions taken by drivers. The ambulance will carry patients with serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries and brain injuries; they will be taken to the hospital for treatment, and the police report will be taken for further investigation on the case.

Victims who are not injured will contact their insurance company to report the accident; they will note the witness account and get their contact information for further procedures.

How much is the accident victim’s claim worth after a car accident?

Car, truck, or motorcycle accidents are not taken lightly by the law, which is why the ignorant driver must face the law for their negligence.

Traumatic brain injuries are one of the scariest injuries victims may go through after a car crash, and the injuries can even lead to a coma, making the family have so many medical expenses to cover. That is why a personal injury lawsuit has to be filed.

A reasonable settlement for a car accident in Pittsburgh has to cover all damages for the victim, such as lost wages, medical bills, and property damage (it might be your truck, motorcycle, or car). The actual amount is given to the accused according to the damages.

Personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh

Car accident cases should never be taken lightly because of the serious injuries that might be suffered. Hiring a personal injury lawyer should be the first thing you do if you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and the other driver is at fault.

A Pittsburgh car accident lawyer will guide you through the entire process until you get your compensation. They will help you gather all the required evidence that proves the other driver was at fault and all the necessary documentation so that you can have a strong case in court.

Hiring an accident lawyer can provide benefits such as experienced navigation of the legal system, thorough investigation, and evidence gathering, negotiating with insurance companies, securing fair compensation, handling paperwork and legal procedures, and representing clients in court if necessary. An accident lawyer can also help reduce stress and emotional burden during the claims process.

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